2011: A year of crowned goodness that dripped with abundance!

I can’t believe it’s the end of the year again. 2011 has really been crowned with goodness, with favour all around! Although Pastor mentioned that this favour will protect us from harm, fortunately, there wasn’t much harm to be protected from! I was thinking of what are the downs which happened in the year…not much, except that I almost could not go for my internship, but in the end I did. I also still remember that I was late for the 1st service of the year last year, and had to go to Gallery West. That was really funny.

Thank you Jesus for…

  • The wonderful last 2 semesters of my NUS life. Now it seems so long ago that I did the CS4340 Digital Special Effects module with some snow effects, and the awesome favour with our professor for our CS4343 Game Development project and managed to score good grades for both. I still can’t believe that my group actually achieved our goal of creating a puzzle mystery solving game, although we had many obstacles initially as we could not narrow down our scope. NM3223 Digital Imaging was not easy as they changed the syllabus to be more interactive-based, and my group had a hard time brainstorming for a suitable artistic concept. All was good in the end when we finished our flash-based interactive art. SSA2218 Singapore Film was a little disappointing as I did not get A for my short film, probably due to my group report. Thanks Zhanhui and Siying for helping in my Singapore Film project.
  • The unmerited favour multiplied many times in my FYP as described in an earlier post. Together with the first semester group project module NM3221 Situated Interaction Design, I scored an A for my FYP! NM3221 also experienced crowned goodness as our project was selected as the best interface design for an iPhone app mockup in the class, and we were selected to present to the client, NP Library, and we were even given vouchers as an incentive! Then for my FYP, other than scoring well, my lecturer nominated my project for best design in my faculty. Really really awesome and restful increase. I always thought my projects are nothing special, as I thought it isn’t the best I’ve done/seen, but they are viewed special by others =)
  • The protection in my journey to my internship in New York City. I almost could not go for the internship due to VISA delays and timing issues, but in the end they gave me favour to shorten my internship to 2.5 months instead of 3 so that I could still go and come back in time for my last semester. I was pretty worried initially that I would come back too late in the semester, but in the end, all went well even though I came back 2 weeks late, I didn’t miss much.
  • The awesome surreal experience in New York City, especially the friends I made in my company Armistice Media, Jiyae, Anjum, Andrew, my boss, Julian, and not forgetting the friends I made in HillsongNYC, Stuart, Ben, Mike, James, Gab, etc. and the Wunderman people, Hans, Yiwei, Kwee Gek, Wee Kiat, Benjamin, Adamson, Li Hao, Haikel, etc. and the best of all, being able to serve in HillsongNYC itself as a graphics projectionist! It is truly favour with all the people over there that I am thankful for, and also my housemates at Church Ave. Thank God for the protection and safety as well, as I was harassed once by a street peddler. Additionally, Ying Dan for visiting, the reunion with Naomi, and also the road trip with Victor to Washington D.C.! It was a very fruitful 2.5 months.
  • The successful release of my documentary, Rag to Riches in August, despite the fact that I was still in New York, and also being unexpectedly featured in The Straits Times a few weeks later. Thank you Zhan, Victor, Junrong, for your help, and also yt and kc for your support.
  • The opportunity to be in 13 Little Pictures Film Lab in September, interacting with other filmmakers and especially having exchanges with overseas ones like Joe.
  • My CAP5 care group for always appreciating one another: Cui, for being a very-serious-but-good CGL, Chris, for being the new lively funny CGL, Ome, for remembering all our birthdays, Amelia, for organising our birthdays, Jonah, for being the treasurer and organising all the events with all the bros, Helen, for the various funny things we did and worship sessions, Daniel, for taking the SSA module with me, SingZe, for the rides home along NEL, Chingman, Eunice, and Geraldine, for your sharing of your lives, Penny, for always appearing and disappearing (haha), Nicholas, for the chats on a few topics that we like to talk about, Alicia, for your cheerfulness, liveliness, and your songs, Teck Beng and Belinda, for the wonderful trips and suppers that we go before you both graduated. And I almost forgot, our little trip to Hong Kong when we had so much fun and food!
  • The rest of the brothers in the science CGs: Keith, Glenn, Ben, Dave, Seb, JW, etc. for all the fun things we did together
  • The Zone Lighting Video team: Esther, Junkit, Josiah and Yvonne for the privilege to serve alongside with you all, entertaining some of my ideas and my initiative in the programming and designing of the lights.
  • The Zone Spark Films team: Zixiang for all the opportunities you gave me to film and edit, Coach Hee Jhun and Ireen for the collaboration opportunities, and the rest of the crew for doing such an awesome job! I am also especially thankful to be able to attend DARE camp despite not being able to attend Legacy camp.
  • My NUS friends which include, but not limited to the following: The “not so secret group”: Wing, Claud, Gab, Jiayi, Sylvia, Cliff, Adit, Brata, Heem, Hydro, Jack for all the fun things we did together as a group! The “L4D” gang: Edwin, Menghui, Zhenyang, Kim for the games that we play online together and the outings we have to watch movies. The Computing Club regulars, such as Yan Lin, Daniel, Steve, Aiysha, Guozheng, Chongyee etc. and the many other seniors and juniors, my OG mates, for sharing lunches, dinners, suppers, and many fun experiences. And also those people who always study late in school together, Gabriel, Yan Hao, Chris, YC, and those people who come and go. And to all those who are in roller blading and nuSTUDIOS. Thank you all for a unique NUS experience!
  • My good old friends Jeremiah Louis and Weiyi, and Chris is to be missed since I have not met him this year =(
  • Shang, for being the once-a-year-we-meet friend. It’s quite special that we only meet once a year but I don’t think I will be around next year in Singapore =|
  • Elisha, Dixon, Penny, Zhiyao for the unique carried-over-from-overseas faith friendship that we have, and our upcoming Hillsong Conference 2012!
  • My brother Jason for the opportunities to help him be cameraman for his new project.
  • And my family and my little sister for being so cute always.
You crown the year with Your goodness,  And Your paths drip with abundance. – Psalm 65:11