It feels as if I never left.

The feeling when I got this time after coming back from overseas is a bit different. There is still a surreal/dreamy feeling, but it is lesser than before. This time, I felt just right at home, felt very comfortable, as if nothing ever happened, as if I never left. It felt as if the first 5 months of the year disappeared into thin air, or got compressed so fast that I didn’t feel anything. It felt like this is my home and I am here, and I want to be here (and I want to eat the food here). I think the degree of looking forward to home and how boring Pittsburgh is affects as well.

In contrast, when I went for exchange 2 years ago and came back, it felt very surreal, and my room felt weird and alien. I felt like I went to another distant world, got used to living there, and came back to this strange place called Singapore. Sitting on the MRT felt strange. Lying on my bed felt different.

The second time when I went for internship last year, there was also a similar surreal feeling. But it was less intensified as the period I left was shorter. But there was still a slight alien feeling to be back home after living in another city.

It’s about routines, going to a new place, adapting to a new routine, and then getting used to it. After that, change happens. Perhaps I am having fun with change. Change is constant.

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