Summer in Singapore

The last 12 weeks in Singapore has been a very fulfilling one. It is short but it actually seemed like I’ve been here for very long (and the NDP festivities make me think that I want to stay here longer, haha).

The internship at Burpple was pretty fun. It is cool to work with your peers, with no seniority-hierarchy-business, plus the fact that they are also my friends. I surprised myself by picking up Ruby on Rails (and revising git) and to be to help out with the backend server, as well as doing some frontend web design, jquery, css, a promotional page with 47 foods for National Day and even a Windows 8 reader app over a hackathon or two. It is indeed very fulfilling, and also travelling with my bosses promoting to startups in Australia was a plus. Not to mention moving into our new office space, buying furniture, eating at the hawker centre downstairs, Ghim Moh, Holland Drive, fusionopolis and also The Lawn, weekly jogs to and around The Star and much more. So many things happened!

Over in my cg, my CGL got married, we merged with another CG temporarily, and my friends and I graduated. Some of my friends and I took graduation pictures at Gardens by the Bay, which was a bad choice to do so at 3pm as it was super hot! Many other things happened in church too, such as first DARE service at Shine, Miracle Seed Sunday, Hillsong Conference, Spark Out, VA workshops, and much more.

See you next year at The Star.