LDI Conference

LDI was a wonderful experience, being able to see all the amazing lighting fixtures and technologies is an eye-opener. The best part was to be able to attend workshops conducted by professional people, like one who designed “a certain castle in Orlando” and another who was lighting director at Lakewood church for 7 years.

It was also at the right time that I could take a bus to the south to attend a conference at the church at South Las Vegas, pastored by Benny and Wendy Perez (sister of Judah Smith). It is a cool little small auditorium but with an awesome worship team and preaching by Stovall Weems. Which crazy guy from Singapore would travel by bus and walk 1 mile at night in an unknown area to a church in the middle of nowhere? I would. I also went to Grace city church on Sunday morning, a new church whose website quotes where sin abounds, grace increased all the more. It was just about 50 people but the preaching is pretty grace based. I asked if the pastor knew pastor prince, and I passed him a sermon CD.