This Thursday is Thanksgiving in America, which is a festival that traces back to the pligrims who first landed in America and gave thanks to God for “by the goodness of God, we are far from want”.

I would like to share a testimony of God’s right place right time and favour which I have not shared. Before I flew to California in August, I met Daffy after church at the suntec food court. It was just a coincidence, like what’s the probability of meeting someone in our church nowsdays with so many venues? Haha. But it became a God-incidence when I shared that I’m flying to California soon, with no plans for housing, and she mentioned she has an uncle, Les, there who can host me. So she said she would contact her uncle and ask.

A few days passed and there was this book launch event which I attended to support a friend. And again, by God’s Qarah timing, Daffy was there, also to support a friend, Cheryl (one of the other NUS CGLs). And I managed to ask her again about her uncle but her uncle Les hasn’t replied.

And then on the day that I flew, Daffy just sent me an email and she gave me her uncle’s address. However, I didn’t manage to contact uncle Les until I landed because when I was flying, the email was just being sent with his contact number! So I managed to take a train down from the airport and called uncle Les and he picked me from the train station.

The initial arrangement was I could stay over for a few days as I find a permanent room/house which is near my school. I was already prepared to go house searching by craigslist. However, the next day, Les was kind enough and said I could stay on till December when my semester here ends if I want. On top of that, he is not asking me to pay anything, no rent nor utilities! After some thought, I decided to stay at his house, on an air mattress in the living room, even though his house is far from my school (30-min drive).

That’s not the end of the story! I was speaking with Les’ wife, aunt Janet and she said God probably placed me in their household because her two daughters just moved into their hostels in university in September and she misses having kids around. She also has a son who’s also in university but he only comes home once a week. Her daughters won’t be home till the holidays so the house is emptier and quieter. So she said I’m her Godsend because she misses having kids around in the house and God knows and at least now there is one person (me) in the weekdays to talk to her at home, although I’m not related to them!

I really thank God for his provision and favour time and time again. Les and family have been really nice to me.

Although I’m still waiting for some other prayers to be answered, God is always able!