Spring: Easter, Freedom Church, Stardust

Finally Spring is here! Temperatures have been rising to 15-25 and the flowers are blooming!

I think God has really placed me at the right place at the right time. If I didn’t buy the car at Santa Rosa, I wouldn’t have received the title late, I wouldn’t have shipped the car to Pittsburgh, and I wouldn’t be able to drive to Freedom Fellowship church every Sunday here. Now that I am able to, I have been playing piano for their Sunday worship and it has been awesome. They are very blessed by my presence and every Sunday they kept praising me. I am teaching them some NCC songs as well. Definitely blessed to be a blessing!

So one of the couples from the church invited me to their house for Easter Sunday family dinner. I invited Joel along too. Seems like a tradition similar to Thanksgiving but smaller scale. The house is in a far away suburban area called Canonsburg and it is on a nice cul-de-sac. Their whole extended family was threw with 4 (!) generations of people, total about 20 people. It was a pleasant All-American feast, with ham, salads, mac-n-cheese, bunny-shaped bread, pineapple crust, and 3 different kinds of desserts. It was delicious. The family is pretty nice to talk to as well and they were great hosts. They have been so gracious to me that I decided to invite them for my graduation ceremony as well.

As for ETC, Project Stardust had a rocky start with the script being finalised only after quarters. Nevertheless we are advancing full steam ahead into softs and I wonder if we can render finish on time. One animator and one artist and one modeller and one compositor is definitely not enough! It is like only one person per role! But we hope to finish it so that we can go to Orlandoo…

Which reminds me of the Book of Mormon song. It is a pretty funny musical which is slightly vulgar and makes fun of the Mormon church. But I would say that the ending is slightly redemptive as the message is that as long as the religious teachings are put in proper context, they can achieve good.

As for other news it seems like every gadget I have is breaking apart. First, my laptop’s motherboard died last August and I have been surviving on my lousy tablet which touchscreen is horrendously weird. And the recently, because I dropped my camera too many times, one of the lens has some crack internally and it is faulty. Only my Samsung phone is surviving after 2 years and 4 months. Amazing.

I am still waiting for God to open doors this summer…