Spark of Creation

From the musical – The Children of Eden:

I’ve got an itching on the tips of my fingers
I’ve got a burning in the back of my brain
I’ve got a hunger burning inside me, cannot be denied

I’ve got a feeling that the Father who made us
When He was kindling a pulse in my veins
He left a tiny spark of that fire, smoldering inside

The spark of creation is flickering within me
The spark of creation is blazing in my blood
A bit of the fire that lit up the stars and brought life into the mud
The first inspiration, the spark of creation

I see a mountain and I want to climb it
I see a river and I want to leave shore
Where there was nothing let there be something
Something made by me

There’s things waiting for me to invent them
There’s worlds waiting for me to explore
I am an echo of the eternal cry of

Let there be
The spark of creation burning bright within me
The spark of creation won’t let me rest at all
Until I discover or build or uncover, a thing that I can call
My celebration of the spark of creation

The spark of creation, may it burn forever
The spark of creation, I am a keeper of the flame
We think all we want is a lifetime of leisure
Each perfect day the same, endless vacation

Well, that’s alright if you’re a kind crustacean
But when you’re born with an imagination
Sooner of later you’re feeling the fire, getting hotter and higher
The spark of creation