Job Search Testimony

I have just graduated from an overseas university, and job searching has been a journey. Pastor Prince always says God will grant you not just a job, but a position, and I have been speaking that in faith during my search process.

Even though I am bonded with a statutory board scholarship, my bond allows me to work with a private company in Singapore. I am originally attached to Company A because that was the original agreement when I signed up for the bond. However, after various talks with the Company A, they are not actively hiring this year and hence they do not have any opportunities for me. I was disappointed.

Hence, that started a job search together with the help of the statutory board. I told them what other companies in their approved list which I am interested in. Initially, it was really cold and quiet for about one month. However, the closed doors for a month allowed me to plant myself in the house of God and resuming my serving duties actively. After a long wait, I even tried to apply myself through the various companies’ career websites but to no avail.

Suddenly, God opened many doors to me in the 3rd week of August. I was called down for an interview with Company B. And during the interview, I received a call for not one, but two interviews with another Company C. All three interviews were of different job scopes, but they were all something which I am interested in, and they were more interesting than the jobs at Company A. Finally, I was called for a second round of interview with Company C, and they were very interested to offer me a job. Moreover, the boss interviewing me said that he would create a position for me such that I will get to roam around the different teams of his department, and not just stay in one team. That is truly unmerited favour.

In the end, Company B did not manage to offer me any job position. However, Company C offered me with an job that not only meets my expectations, but also is the best fit for me as compared to all the other positions I was interviewing for. God certainly has a plan for me when he first closed the doors with the other companies and then opened the door into this divine career position! What Pastor said has finally come true!


Marked Camp 2013 – Understanding the Seasons of my Life

…forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal… – Phil 3:13-14

Last week, I went for my first Marked Camp with Genrev to Malacca. How I managed to go to camp is a miracle, it is just like the previous Legacy Camp. I did not meet the attendance requirements because I just came back from overseas, just like how the last time I didn’t meet the requirements because I was on exchange. But God wanted to do something special and he opened doors for me to go to camp.

I asked God for an understanding of the seasons (eth) of my life – based on Pastor’s Gabriel’s sermon which he preached last Genrev. I prayed for wisdom (understanding) of the seasons of my life

When Pastor Benjamin led the song “I Press On (Thank You)” on Thursday morning, I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotions and started tearing. Actually, I wasn’t feeling well that morning, hence I decided to sit at the back at the lights board, and thought that I won’t participate in the service and just sit behind and rest. However, I felt led to stand up during worship and when Pastor started singing the song, I just started crying. I got reminded of how I first heard the song in Legacy Camp in 2010, and how the verse speaks to me personally. Pastor Whitley chose the verse as my baptism verse back in GTC in 2008, and forgetting what is behind refers to what happened to my mum in 2007. Suddenly, within a few miniseconds, I got a fast-forward flashback of the past seasons of my life, from the time of mourning in army, to my baptism, to coming to NCC, to the past 4-5 years of studies of how God has brought me through and transformed me from glory to glory. And how God is so kind and faithful even when I am faithless. How God has helped me to forget what is behind and helped me to keep pressing on. And how his hand has always guided me, every step of the way. =) God is pretty funny, when I was unpacking my bag after the trip, I realised that the pen inside my bag says “The Zone 2009”. That was the year I first came to NCC. That’s his style.

During another separate session for financial planning, Pastor Benjamin asked us to write down our faith tithe figure which we wish to tithe within 3 years’ time. Why tithe? Because it is more of a faith picture than just writing our salary. Our tithe will determine our salary. So I started praying, and then uncontrollable tears just overwhelmed me as I felt the tangible presence of God, and how he has provided for me with more than more than enough over the past few years that I did not even have to worry about my finances at all. He is my El Shaddai.