Gardens by the Bay East is not so secret after all

I rented a car from icarsclub for the first time, pretty cool experience, reminds me of zipcar with the unlocking from the phone thing. We drove to The Costal Settlements for dinner. It was pretty crowded for an ulu place. The food is not too bad. Yuzu pie is pretty good.

After that, the plan was to watch fireworks at Gardens by the Bay East. We left at 11pm but was stuck in a jam at Fort Road exit because the traffic light is slow. Then, there was a super long line of people at Tanjong Rhu Road with many people driving in. So my secret place is not so secret after all. Cars were parked everywhere and the clock is ticking. In the end, we drove towards the stadium side and watched the fireworks from the bridge. It was partially hidden by the condos but it was a pretty crowded spot.

It wasn’t what I expected or envisioned and hence I was a bit grumpy about it. Lizzy asked me to let it go, for the company you’re with is more important than the fireworks =) it’s true, but just not the rosy picture I envisioned in my mind.

Gardens by the Bay East is not so secret after all…