What are birthdays about

My birthday this year was quite uneventful. Perhaps next time I should take leave to do more crazy things. It was work as usual. At night went to &MADE with Lizzy and ate some atas-looking burgers. It’s a restaurant opened by some Michelin chef but it’s so-so only. After that we went shopping. The haze was not that great so we didn’t walk outdoors much. Went back as usual and walked noodle, played a bit of piano and then went back.

Lizzy gave me a nice handmade card with trains on it. Hahas. And also a  wallet. She totally read my mind, or perhaps I was hinting too much during the Bali trip. Haha.

So because of that I began to wonder what are birthdays about. Is it a selfish thing to want people to celebrate yourself? Is it selfish that you want people to remember your birthday but you don’t remember or bother to celebrate your friend’s? Are cakes and gifts overrated? Are those random wishes from your Facebook friends whom you haven’t met for ages meaningless?

Or perhaps, as Lizzy says, you could turn the tables around and make birthdays all about other people. Use the day to do something different and bless other people. After all, it takes two hands for a handshake. If you are not friends with others, how would you expect other people to be friends with you? Why not make those meaningless Facebook messages meaningful by replying to each of them? Because we are loved and set apart by God, we can do things that are out of the ordinary. Turning the other cheek means to do something totally contradictory to what most people would react to. It means to go the extra mile because you are first loved. But, but, but, it is so hard cos we often seek approval from man instead of from God.

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