Legacy Camp 2014 Reflections

Legacy Camp 2014 was a camp like no other. It was pretty different from many other camps in many different ways. Life-changing.

Really really awesome and honoured to be literally serving alongside my favourite person. This was a camp of firsts – the first camp which I’m officially serving as lights, the first time Senior Pastor shared at men’s session, the first camp in which we have a giant ultrawide 30×10 screen, the first camp with so many different pastors preaching at different sessions, and of course, the first camp I get to serve with my girlfriend. Like what someone said, 1+1=2. Her design + my animated smoke = the backdrop. Production value wasa super upz at this camp with the graphics screen in the middle.

This level of production is what I always dreamt to be part of and now I am part of one. When Angie was singing Sanctuary, suddenly I had a flashback of what I dreamt of a few years ago when I was church hopping, that I always wanted to be part of a big-scale production like this, and now, I am part of one and doing the lighting. Truly, God is amazing. It is not by my self-effort that I can be here. I am really honoured and privileged to be. Initially, I was only going to be at camp for film, and then I was pulled out, and then I was going again for lights and it is no coincidence. I realised that God orchestrated for each and everyone of us to be there, to be part of His dream team, the video, the sound, the musicians and everyone. And to get to do what I dreamt of doing is really amazing. Wow. Much more so with the love of my life by my side. Never thought that this would happen but always dreamt that it would and indeed it happened.  It’s like we are compatible with each other in that we can serve together and talk about production stuff together in the same frequency. And much more greater things to come!

What I learnt at camp is that I can never ever be fully prepared. There are always unexpected things coming along, and whatever I programmed will always go haywire at the wrong time. I can never be over-prepared. There are some things which I thought that I could do on the fly, which could be better off if I had prepared beforehand. There were some things which I could never prepare for. Also, at this camp, I was more focused on my work and less focused on the worship itself. I learnt that humility is very important and the flesh would always want to exalt itself, but ultimately only God is to be exalted. On the first night, I was not prepared as the lighting board is quite new to be, hence I was observing the vendor. But from the second day onwards, I was taking over the board already.

Pastor also talked about upward stumbling. How that whenever we fail, let it not be a downward stumbling but an upward one. Joseph obtained his gift only when he fled from his temptations and practised the presence of God.