St. John’s Island and Escape Room

Today we went to St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island for an excursion! She brought all her camera gear and we wanted to go there to see the cats too. I think it’s the first time we go on a shoot with all her proper gear haha. Always loved to see her in action, at work with the cameras. She was shooting for potential stock photos for the zone magazine.

We went to Amoy hawker centre for brunch but there weren’t many stalls open. We ate lor mee anyway and she ate laksa which wasn’t her usual order. We then took the infrequent bus to marina south pier to take the ferry to St John’s.

There was like a big bunch of foreign workers on board. Seems like this hidden place is more popular with them than with locals? Lol. After a 25 min ride, we alighted to a small beach area with many families picnicking.

We set off on a random walk to look for cats. We walked into the forest towards the tropical marine life institute but there weren’t any. We walked back along another road and saw a lone black cat in the shade. It was very friendly and willing to be molested. Haha. We then googled where were the cats and floated towards the staff quarters, which were like ubin-like old village houses. And that’s where a dozen of them were. But they were not as friendly, probably well fed and spoilt. They just sat there, or ran away when we approached =/

After that it started drizzling so we hid at the back of an old abandoned dilapidated house. Seems like the Paranormal investigators used it as a checkpoint haha. We walked to the small causeway connecting the two islands and decided to camp there for a bit, take many many selfies and photos, and spent some time together.

I brought my ukulele and we spent some time with Jesus and praying for each other. After a while we decided to walked into Lazarus and we found a lagoon with many expats and yachts docked and people swimming. It’s like a hidden private beach for these rich people. One of the yachts even have a slide into the water, wah lau eh. Haha. But it’s a really nice, clear and clean beach.

We headed back to the ferry jetty for the last jetty. Her magic hour sun came out but she didn’t have much things to shoot anymore.

It was a long ferry ride back, we were both tired and took a nap =)

We met the cg for ramen and xscape room called upside down at bugis. The first impression of the place was like a LAN shop? Lol. The puzzle was really Harry Potter themed. The room had furniture upside down and the quizzes we were supposed to solve were all related to Harry Potter.


The first lesson was a set of wands and we were supposed to find the owners of the wands. Sarah and Lizzy were like experts and figured out the names. But we couldn’t unlock the lock still! We asked for help after many tries and we were told it has to be in alphabetical order. Aiyo.

The second puzzle was regarding finding the right mix of portions. Not too difficult, just matching colours and numbers. The third puzzle was harder as it involved maths. After much calculation, we managed to find the answer and supposed to press the photo frame of the answer. But it didn’t work! We tried a few more times and still didn’t work. So we asked for help again and they told us to press and hold longer lol. Then magically a table popped up from underneath a trap door on the floor. Nice touch.

The last one is of a matching a jigsaw of blocks with an upside down map. We could not match them properly and then it was times up =(

It’s quite a cool concept. But can be improved. Entertainment technology indeed.