Thanksgiving for 2014

Thank you Jesus for 2014 has been a blast! Thank You for:

  • A year of greater glory with Lizzy in which we got engaged on 7¬†October 2014 and we have secured a wedding venue and now looking for a house =)
  • A few enjoyable¬†overseas trips to Bali, office retreats to Bintan and Batam, and of course, Taipei where I proposed
  • A few amazing church camps, such as Legacy Camp which I had the privilege to serve alongside Lizzy; and Genrev Camp which was short but good
  • Learning many things in my career and being able to try out different roles from business, interaction and innovation, and to be involved in cool projects like F1. Grace grace to more career satisfaction and fulfilment
  • Answering our prayers of finding friends in the same season who are also planning to get married.
  • Expanding the Zone/Dare lights ministry and allowing me to play a bigger role. What a privilege to serve in this house!
  • Keeping us safe from virus and accidents and the darkness of the world
  • An awesome future in-grace family to be in future
  • And above all, Your goodness which will abundantly provide more than we can ask or imagine when we find a house