The most exciting week in my job

The past two weeks were like one big event. It was a huge adrenaline rush over the two weeks as I got together everyone in workshops for an external agency from overseas. It felt like the most exciting week of my career as everyday was purposeful. It was meeting after workshop, workshop after meeting non-stop. I brought the agency around the various eating places around my workplace, and gave them a tour of pretty much everything. Everyone participated in the workshops, although my greatest fear was no one would attend them. But it all turned out to be good, and one of the directors even said ‘good job’ in putting everything together and wanted to nominate me for an award. Lol. I also fed the agency folks with regular snacks and tidbits, bought them some local malay kuehs and also organised some user interviews.

The Londoners asked me if there was some packed snacks which they could bring back, but I couldn’t think of any. In the end, I bought some tao sar biah and hong biah from Q Bread which are imported from Malaysia, so somewhat local. Haha. I offered kaya and bak kwa too but they were not interested.

On one of the nights, we went for a drink at the roof top of hotel jen, where there’s a poolside bar with a nice view, kinda like a mini-MBS rooftop. It was quite chill and nice view. My first time having drinks with ‘corporate clients’. After that, I even brought them to gluttons bay and introduced them to satay and carrot cake. I felt like a tour guide. Maybe I should be one lol. 

While Singaporeans complain about our MRT, they tell me that the tube is worse, has more break downs, and is not all air-conditioned. While we complain how hot the weather is recently and we love aircon, they say our weather is perfect and the office is too cold. Haha. Makes me appreciate my country a little more.