2019 Reflections

2019 went into 2020 too fast. When you have a baby to take care of, there’s not much time to stop and think and reflect. You’re always catching up on sleep, if not waking up in the middle of the night to soothe the baby to sleep. Thank God for coffee.

The year of the latter rain definitely did bring a lot of rain in Singapore in December. Haha. Thank God for the many provisions that are demanded when you have a baby – hospital costs are not cheap, plus all the baby accessories that you have to buy. Thank God for providing more than enough for baby Samuel and also everyone who has blessed us monetarily and non-monetarily.

The earlier part of 2019 was a bag of mixed feelings. First, it was dealing with the shock that Liz is pregnant, cos we sort of started planning and stopped trying. The funny thing is, it seemed like the moment we stopped trying, God took over. I guess God had a sense of humour, and his plans are definitely better than our plans. I was a little sad, because that meant that I can’t go overseas for the work tour in October, cos that’s the exact month in which baby is going to arrive. It was a battle between my spirit and flesh again. My spirit knows that God definitely has better plans than our human plans. My flesh was asking, why God, at this time. It seemed like I’m going to miss the most exciting thing of the year that’s going to happen at work, and the FOMO was real. The joke was that we were the best planners, but we didn’t manage to plan Samuel’s arrival well. Haha. We were probably the least joyful parents at the first gynae visit. Lol.

The first trimester was not as bad as I thought. I didn’t have to rush to somewhere to buy supper for Liz in the middle of the night. There were a lot of new food cravings nevertheless, but it wasn’t that hard for me. Liz had to deal with nausea definitely.

When second trimester came, I have more or less accepted the bundle of joy that is about to come. We went for our babymoon in Fukuoka, and we shopped for a lot of baby things, went to 2 baby fairs in Singapore plus 1 baby fair in JB, did all the things that we want to do in Singapore as a couple, went to Legacy Camp, walked many parks, ate alot, and waited for October to come.

Towards the end of the third trimester, we did many various things to try to get baby Samuel out. We did pilates, went to a lot of walks to many parks especially in the 2 weeks before the EDD, but nothing happened. The water bag didn’t break. Haha. So in the end we went for induction.

Thank you Daddy God for a great year of patience, endurance and joy. Thank God for a smooth delivery and healthy and strong baby.