10 Ways to spice up your day (and make life more interesting)

  1. Eat at somewhere different than usual, e.g. Little India’s Tekka Market, Chinatown/Kreta Ayer Hawker Centre, Adam Road, Seah Im Hawker Centre…
  2. Wear something unusual which you don’t normally wear e.g. a long sleeved shirt?
  3. Take a different bus route to school/work and enjoy the ‘scenery’
  4. Explore a new place, e.g. some area of your school campus which you have not been to before
  5. Talk to someone new in tutorial whom you have not talked to
  6. Change your wallpaper/ringtone/theme/skin/playlist and change what you are listening to
  7. Give up your seat in the MRT to the old auntie for once!
  8. Try to notice something new in your daily commute, e.g. the sky, the trees around you etc.
  9. Say ‘Hi’ to the toilet cleaning auntie and hope that she smiles back?
  10. All is vanity. Praise God for each new day as this is the day the Lord has made.