Youth Sunday 2008

Last Sunday was Youth Sunday and I think it’s the best and most happening Youth Sunday ever! Firstly, I was playing keyboard, and it was my first time playing for both church services on Sunday…so far I only played for Teenedge and Jordanites. We arrived in church at about 7.45am, and we thought we were the first! In fact, Ps Watchman and Josh arrived earlier than us! haha. It was good and fun, and josh managed to master the riffs for most of the instrumentals. we managed to do the long intro (but we cut it short) for The Time Has Come, and the instrumental for Hosanna, and also One Thing. I think the best part was to link Hosanna to the chorus of Magnificent. Other songs we did include I Am Free and Enter In.

I was wearing a new bright blue shirt which I bought some time ago but haven’t wore it until now. Joice commented “suddenly” blue shirt and orange tie…lol. Ps Watchman said, wah, your shirt is so much more modern than my dull looking one.

I managed to do a Youth Sunday “THX” intro clip for the start of the service using Motion. Along with the polariod countdown timer, the lights controlled by Bryan, Clarence doing the MM, and Joanie on sound, and  Jere queuing everyone, everything turned out well. There was a lot of anticipation created by the countdown and the THX hahah. Jared kept prompting us when the countdown was going on, “58 seconds, 57 seconds…” and very funny, during the last minute of the countdown to 11.15am, Colin Sim suddenly ask us to take band group photo. lol. The visualisations created by iTunes projected on the ceiling look cool too, like some laser lights pointing forward.

And of course, the short film was the best part of the service. Sunday’s Best, directed by Jere and I, turned out pretty well. Pity that the Easislides caused some flickering. But anyway, the audience laughed at the scenes that were funny, especially when Uncle Micckal turned out to be the father lol. I guess it was touching at the end too, and I could see tears from Lyd’s eyes at the end of the film. That was really a sense of satisfaction. I guess the short film related to the hearts of everyone.

Pastor Whitley surprised all the cast and crew of the short film by presenting to a us a pseudo Oscar award lol. He actually took the trouble to make trophies for us! He presented them to all of us before his sermon and we were quite shocked. Zack wasn’t around in first service, and we were joking again that he’s acting out his Sean character haha.

Pastor’s sermon was a bit cheem though, especially for younger people. But I guess he was relating to the adults. Before communion, we played the Matt Redman song again – When All Is Said And Done. Finally, at the end, was the dance by Jereld, Shaun, Ben, Trixie and Kady. They all wore masks, which was an interesting effect. aha.

My friends, jr, kc, yt and her bf, came for the 2nd service. Although some of them were slightly late, they managed to catch the short film and they said it was good. Had lunch and chat with them at Kovan later, and some of them managed to catch the objective of the film, which is good.

Kudos to everyone who helped in one way or another!