Designed the user experience and roaming flow for My Singtel App, a self-service telco app which allows users to manage their mobile services. iOS and Android platforms.

This was a long project which involves engaging internal business stakeholders to gather requirements, interviewing users, going through iterations for interactions and visual design of an app, user testing, and finally liaising with developers to create the actual mobile app.

Designing the roaming flow was also a complex challenge because it involves many ‘plans’ and ‘add-ons’ which are confusing to the user. The user experience was improved by introducing a ‘by-country’ flow, whereby users buy roaming plans based on the country they travel, rather than based on which price plan they wish to pay. This was done through a process of wireframing many iterations and showing it to the different departments, involving them in the design process at every stage. This greatly improved the buying processes and during the user testing, most users actually used the ‘by-country’ option rather than the ‘by-plan’ option. Hopefully, this increases the sales of the roaming plans

I also assisted in the visual design delivery of the app, especially for Roaming and Rewards sections. This includes ensuring on-time delivery and explaining how it works to the stakeholders, developers and solution architects in the IT team.

Just before launch, I liaised with a usability testing agency to conduct the user testing for the final app. I helped to write the brief and prepared the Marvel prototype for the user testing.