Digital Effects Showreel

Segment 1 – Project Xenon (00:00 – 00:20) Shot on Canon C300 and edited in Premiere Pro. User Interface Design concept created by another teammate and myself  from paper prototype to After Effects animation. Shorts composited in Nuke and rotoscoping done in After Effects. Color Correction was done by my teammate. Segment 2 – Project […]

Singtel Newsstand

Designed the wireframes and buy flow journey for Singtel Newsstand – a value-added service for users to subscribe to their favourite news magazines such as TIME and Fortune. It was an end-to-end process which involves initial brainstorming with the business team, gathering requirements and then sketching the wireframes together with another visual designer. Finally, the […]

Singtel Music

Designed the wireframes and buy flow journey for Singtel Music – a value-added service for users to subscribe to their favourite music apps such as Spotify and KKBOX. The process involves gathering business requirements, designing the wireframes together with another visual designer, before it was implemented by a 3rd party.

My Singtel App

    Designed the user experience and roaming flow for My Singtel App, a self-service telco app which allows users to manage their mobile services. iOS and Android platforms. This was a long project which involves engaging internal business stakeholders to gather requirements, interviewing users, going through iterations for interactions and visual design of an app, user […]


Hi, my name is Colin. I am currently working in Singtel as a User Experience Designer. I studied in in Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center and National University of Singapore. I have a background in Computing, but I love filmmaking and design. I love filmmaking and anything related to digital effects, web/graphic design, user […]

Dash Mobile Wallet App

Engaged business and product owners for the ongoing user experience and user interface design of Dash, a mobile wallet app. Involved in the regular interface design updates to the app and new features such as NFC payments, Apple Touch ID and Samsung Fingerprint integration. Helped to prototype the new NFC wobbler, going through many iterations, […]

Resume of Colin Tan

Download my full resume here or view it below. Skills Design User Interface / User Experience Design Graphic Design Web Design and Development Filmmaking Cinematography, Digital Editing, Sound/Lighting on set Programming C, C++, C#, Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript Software Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash Apple Final Cut Pro Adobe Dreamweaver Autodesk Maya (Beginner) Nuke (Beginner) […]

A Cozy Marriage Website

This is a full HTML/CSS website for my wedding invite, complete with parrallax scrolling animations using skrollr. View full website here. Graphics design by lizzaeh.

Dashboard for Telkomsel Mobile Consumer Insight

This project was created in collaboration with DataSpark and Telkomsel. These insights are targeted at business customers who are interested in the number of people (also known as footfall) in different popular regions in Indonesia. An installation with a TV wall of 6 TVs was created in an internal showcase at Telkomsel, along with a […]

Formula One Singapore Grand Prix Insights

In collaboration with MIT SENSEable City Lab, this data visualisation video was created using the data analysed by DataSpark together with the DATACOLLIDER tool. A total of 3 different types of data analysis of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix period are featured in this video: the top countries, where do tourists go, as well as […]


Wireframed and created the user interface design visuals for a small project EzDr, an appointment booking app for visiting a doctor in a clinic in Singapore.