Singtel Newsstand

Designed the wireframes and buy flow journey for Singtel Newsstand – a value-added service for users to subscribe to their favourite news magazines such as TIME and Fortune. It was an end-to-end process which involves initial brainstorming with the business team, gathering requirements and then sketching the wireframes together with another visual designer. Finally, the […]

A Cozy Marriage Website

This is a full HTML/CSS website for my wedding invite, complete with parrallax scrolling animations using skrollr. View full website here. Graphics design by lizzaeh.

Dashboard for Telkomsel Mobile Consumer Insight

This project was created in collaboration with DataSpark and Telkomsel. These insights are targeted at business customers who are interested in the number of people (also known as footfall) in different popular regions in Indonesia. An installation with a TV wall of 6 TVs was created in an internal showcase at Telkomsel, along with a […]


¬† Burpple is a social food journal startup company based in Singapore. I did a summer internship with them in which I created an internal statistics and data analysis app based on Ruby on Rails, as well as revamping their corporate website using Twitter Bootstrap. I also created widgets and landing pages, and […] During the summer of 2011, I did an internship with Armistice Media, a startup based in Brooklyn, NY, which produced, a news journalism website. I assisted in created the beta version (before what it is now) with HTML5/JQuery and also created some infographics for them.