Railly Tricky (BVW Spring 2012 Festival)

Railly Tricky is a railroad junction control game on the Jamodrum platform as well as a depot loading game with 2 joysticks. Set in the Old West, teams of 6 people must cooperate, with 2 depot workers loading cargo onto trains using the joysticks, and 4 railroad engineers directing the trains to the proper destination […]

Peppy The Penguin

Peppy The Penguin is a game experience created for the “Cave” environment (3-projector setup) which involves the player controlling penguin through a course of obstacles leading it to its freedom. I was the texture artist for this Story round for the CMU ETC Building Virtual Worlds Round 4.

RockOn Rock Climbing

RockOn is a 2-player competitive rock climbing game using Playstation Move controls to climb a rock wall. I was the texture artist for this CMU ETC BVW Spring 2012 Round 3B lightning round.

Rail-ly Tricky 1

Rail-ly Tricky is the first version of a Jamodrum game in which 4 players control junctions of a railroad system to lead the trains to their destinations. I was the texture artist for this CMU ETC BVW Spring 2012 Round 3A lightning round.


DaDetective was my first game development project in National University of Singapore, created in Unity/C#. It is a logic mystery-solving Cluedo-like game, in which the player has to interview different people to understand the story and solve the murder mystery. I was involved in level design, user interface and graphics, and asset management, as well […]